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About the Duck

The Lounge

This is where you go for a little more private time. The music is quieter and you can have your own private booth for you and your friends. The lounge is a perfect place for a birthday party, and a great place to start or end a night on the town.

The Patio

The place to be when the weather is hot. You have to see our tree! There is no other tree like this in the city. It makes the perfect umbrella for inclement weather. Lets face it we do live in Cleveland!

The Bar

This is where the magic happens. We are mostly a shot and a beer bar, but we have been know to make some great cocktails. If we don't carry something just ask us and we will have it for you next time.

The Duck Island is a small bar that straddles Ohio City and Tremont. Surrounded by big bars, but just off the cut enough to remain hidden. We like it this way! 

We are not a loud dance club (although we can be at times). The Duck Island is a retreat from all the big bars and the people that frequent them. If you are looking for a small intimate bar, than The Duck Island is for you.

"The people warming the stools and pouring the drinks are equally welcoming. An air of good humor and camraderie resonates....from the stools to the back room and patio. The bars large selection of spirits will make even the most finicky swiller tip his hat to the bartender and settle in for a long,contented evening."  ...Patron


Like most interesting characters (our patrons included) The Duck Island Club has a Checkered past. Much of its history is shrouded in lore, whispered by the locals in hushed tones and lost to the sands of time. So many stories, it's hard to know which are true, never the ones to let facts get in the way of a good story, here is our version.

The Duck Island Club started as a speakeasy during prohibition. Located near Ohio City, the neighborhood gets it moniker "Duck Island" because it was a favorite get away with gangsters and bootleggers running illegal booze from Canada. The neighborhood's labyrinth of twisty streets made it the perfect spot to "Duck in" and lose a tail.

Seeing a market, the original proprietor, a woman by the name of Margie, turned the first floor of her house into a speakeasy, serving libations to those still looking for a stiff drink.

The bathtub Gin and bootlegged Whiskey from Canada were stored in the plumbing of an old farmhouse (still there) on the corner of W.49th and Tillman. Things ran swimmingly, until on the 4th raid, one of the officers got thirsty and filled a glass from the kitchen sink, only to find that his glass contained a real "Lake Erie Highball"!

The Duck Island Club still lives up to those old speak easy days. It still appears to be an unassuming house from the outside, most people walk by without even noticing it. Upon entering however they find a cozy bar full of surprises where they instantly feel at home in.

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